A little bit about Pet Types - Communing Heart to Heart...

Introducing... Pet Types- Communing Heart To Heart: a interactive book about our furry companions and what we can learn from one another.

"When you use the litter box, make sure you cover up whatever you leave there."

"Back from vacation? Were you gone? Did you bring me anything?"

"So many things I could do... If only I had a thumb..."

"You look sad. Can I get you a cookie?"

If you can 'hear' your pet expressing any of the above quotes, you are well on the road to understanding a bit more about their personality (doganality, catanality, etc.)

The book includes assessments for both humans as well as pets to determine whether you are a C.O.P, L.O.P., Z.O.P, or H.O.P. After making this discovery, you can then compare notes and see how your types communicate.

Portions of all proceeds are donated to various animal organizations.

Our pets are there for us whether we are smiling, grumpy or sad. They seem to know when they should just lie at our side and 'listen' or urge us to get up and dance. And the thing is, if we are in tune with THEIR moods, they need and deserve the same attention.

For instance, picture this:

You are slumped in your fading recliner, bemoaning the state of your life. Your date has cancelled, your bank account is in the red and earlier today someone rear-ended you on the freeway. Then you look up at two big brown eyes, a goofy grin and a tail wagging furiously (had to add that third qualifier or you may have thought it was your Aunt Myrtle) and you are joyfully reminded... it’s all O.K. IN THIS MOMENT, it is indeed all O.K. It’s as if your dog is quoting a line from Eckart Tolle’s “The Power of Now.” And you rise up out of your easy chair, newly energized, and the two of you head out the door for a long, brisk walk. Yeah. (And to make things even better - a cold brewski and cookie await your return.) Life isn't SO bad.

And now another perspective:

Your favorite friend was kidnapped by her family and relocated to New Jersey, the store where your human shops stopped carrying your FAVORITE cat food AND you just discovered you have fleas. Again. But then, you look up from under the covers and see two big brown eyes, a goofy grin, a furiously wagging tail - oh - wait a minute - no tail - You see two big brown eyes, a goofy grin and a bag of top grade, organic CATNIP! Hmmmm.... maybe it's not all so bad. Roll around a little in this sweet herb, get a nice massage on your itchy back, and life is looking a whole lot more rosy. Your human has come to the rescue. How DID she know...
Jack and Nick
Life is an unpredictable series of experiences and having a friend to share in the ride is of value beyond explanation. I know in my own case, the joy would be much diminished without my furry companions.

So, let's move on to the stories and personality analysis. I had a great time putting this all together. Hope it shows.

Cheers & Blessings,
Maureen (H.O.P.)

"H.O.P.?" you say? Pet Types personalities are broken down into 4 general areas (though most of us will have bits and pieces of each of them in our make-up.) One will most likely take precedence. Read on for further clarification.

About PA - HA

C.O.P. - L.O.P. - Z.O.P. - H.O.P.

If either you or your pet can relate to the following:

First words to arriving guests:
Did you wipe your feet?

You just may have C.O.P. tendencies.

If either you or your pet would say the following:

Eat? Nap? Well... I’ll see how I feel in a minute. So many choices...

You just may have L.O.P. tendencies.

If either you or your pet can identify with the following:

I seek competence in myself and others. (OK - you know how to sit, shake and roll over - how about a little Japanese lesson now?")

You just may have Z.O.P. tendencies.

And...If either you or your pet might share the following:

I say "yes" sometimes when I really feel like saying "No". ("O.K. ... ONE more game of catch.")

You just may have H.O.P. tendencies.

Determining Personalities (Catanalities, Doganalities, etc etc)

Still confused? Well, in a nutshell, it's all about communication. Understanding each other's signals. The more we pay attention, the more we relate to one another. But sometimes it's nice to have a barometer to measure where we're in tune AND where we might need a little adjustment.

Enter the PA and the HA. (The WHAT?) The PA - "Pet Assessment" and the HA - "Human Assessment." By completing these simple inventories, you can become more tangibly aware of your personality commonalities as well as clashes.

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